I am Salsabil Morrison, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Norfolk, England. I first picked up a camera because I wanted to have a visual record of all the important events in my life, birthdays, holidays, family gatherings... but there are few events more important than a wedding day. I know the value of having photos that capture the true essence of a moment or occasion and I also know first-hand the disappointment when they fail to meet expectations. So it has become my mission to capture the day you have always dreamed of and to tell your story in the most extraordinary way.

A bit more about me... 

I got married in 2012. We planned our wedding in 3 months! 

I have two daughters. Ruqayya; an eccentric 8-going-on-18-year-old and Iman who is 5 who totally knows her own mind, something I truly admire!

I'm a morning person, for me getting up early is the best way to get the most out of each day

My favourite season is Spring 

My favourite colour is yellow, just seeing it brings me joy

Gardening and painting and decorating is how I love to spend my time



"I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them" - Diane Arbus

I also believe that a photograph can give you a glimpse of a moment that perhaps you would've missed. It creates a window where otherwise there'd be a wall. And these moments can be enjoyed by you and your family for generations. I believe it is of such value that it cannot be measured. 

Growing up I kept a diary. I would write a clear description, full of detail about what I did that day and how I felt as I was trying to paint a picture with words. The diary was for my older self. The idea was that it would hold all of my memories so that one day I would pick it up and be transported back to a time in the past. I no longer keep a diary, instead I take photographs. 



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